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the department of the treasury from assigning tax stay statutes to organizations based on their political beliefs and activities. h.r. 3865, an act to prohibit the internal revenue service from modifying the standard for determining whether an organization is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare for purposes section 012-c-4 of the internal revenue code of 1986. mr. reid: i would object to any further proceedings with respect to all four of these measures. the president pr the president pro tempore: objection is heard. the built will be placed on the calendar. scried i ask unanimous consent that today's proceedings be printed in the congressional record dated march 4, 2014. the president pro tempore: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. mr. reid: mr. president, because of the inclement weather, we've had to change things around significantly. but this is a message to all senators. we're going to do our utmost to get everything done wednesday and thursday. there will be some debate tomorrow. i am talking about the voting. if we can't, we're going to have to be here
government that consumes and spends our tax dollars. really? this is what gave rise to the tea party. and we are here today and we think about what we see is washing in d.c., we know we still have a lot of work to do. still, we have so many reasons to be excited and today is an exciting day. our movement has become so influential and so big that we are able to attract influential speakers with mark levin -- [applause] senator mike leigh and ted cruz. [applause] congressman jim jordan and michele bachmann. [applause] and at the same time, we will not lose focus on our numbers. we wouldn't be here today if it were not for you. let's give you a round of applause. [applause] you want to pursue your american dream. everyday he championed freedom. remember in 2009, as the stimulus passed, or kelley karen are at the protest seattle, washington. for kelley. surely thereafter, we had a call to action. our founding fathers would be turning over in their graves at the out-of-control government spending. he said let's have a tea party. in did we ever? area code of that is going. rhonda powell and patric
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2